Engine Overhaul for Your Mini: Why It Can Be Crucial for the Longevity of Your Car

Your Mini is more than just a car – it’s a part of your lifestyle. To ensure it accompanies you for a long time, we offer engine overhauls. At Miniparts24, we are experts in engine overhauls and know exactly how to give your Mini a new lease on life.

What are the benefits of an engine overhaul?

  • Extending the Lifespan: An engine overhaul can significantly extend the lifespan of your Mini. By replacing worn-out parts and fixing issues, we ensure your engine runs like new.
  • Improving Performance and Efficiency: An overhauled engine is not only more reliable but can also improve performance and fuel efficiency. This means more driving pleasure with lower consumption.
  • Preventing Costly Repairs: Engine overhauls help prevent larger and more expensive subsequent damage. Early detection and repair of problems can prevent serious consequences.

When should you consider an engine overhaul?

  • Increased Oil Consumption and Smoke: If your engine consumes unusually high amounts of oil or emits blue smoke from the exhaust, it may indicate worn piston rings or damaged cylinder walls. These symptoms are often signs of internal wear that can be addressed by an engine overhaul, which includes replacing parts like piston rings, gaskets, and bearings.
  • Persistent Engine Performance Issues: Loss of power, irregular idling, misfires, or difficulty starting the engine can indicate serious internal problems. Such symptoms can be caused by worn or damaged engine components like valves, camshafts, or the fuel injection system. An overhaul allows for thorough inspection and repair of these components.
  • High Mileage or Age of the Engine: Engines that have reached high mileage or are very old can benefit from an overhaul. Over the years, wear and material fatigue can lead to decreased performance and reliability. An engine overhaul can help extend the life of the engine and restore its performance.

At Miniparts24, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to thoroughly inspect and overhaul your Mini engine. Our experienced technicians take great care and expertise in every aspect, from simple maintenance to complete restoration.

Does your Mini need an engine overhaul or do you need more information? Reach us by phone at +495923 9930330, via WhatsApp, by email, or message us on our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

We are here to help your Mini regain strength and longevity. Our engine overhaul includes:

  • Vehicle pick-up for only €1.20 plus VAT per kilometer
  • Engine removal
  • Dismantling, cleaning, and inspection of the engine, cylinder head, and attached parts
  • Crankshaft inspection and, if necessary, grinding or polishing
  • Cleaning, inspecting, and honing the engine block
  • Inspection and measurement of pistons, connecting rods, and cylinders, determining their heights
  • Replacing pistons and connecting rods, if necessary
  • Renewing the piston rings
  • Renewing the main and connecting rod bearings
  • Measuring, straightening, and grinding the camshaft
  • Cleaning, inspecting, and planing the cylinder head, machining the valve seats
  • Assembling and pressure testing the cylinder head
  • Renewing the gaskets for engine assembly, including the head gasket
  • Checking the oil pump
  • Renewing the water pump
  • New timing chain/timing chain set including tensioner and guide rails
  • Renewing fluids such as coolant, engine oil including filter, and air conditioning gas
  • Exclusive use of original/OEM quality parts
  • Installing the overhauled engine
  • Reading and clearing fault codes and adapting engine components using the latest diagnostic technology
  • Test run and test drive with leakage check
  • Vehicle pick-up available upon completion