At miniparts24, we place a strong emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to dispose of your old batteries and used motor oil in an environmentally friendly manner.

Battery Disposal: Batteries contain harmful chemicals that can harm the environment if improperly disposed of. We kindly ask you not to throw your used batteries in the household waste. Instead, you can drop them off for free at a collection point near you. Alternatively, we offer you the option to return your old batteries to us. We will dispose of them properly to protect the environment.

Oil Disposal: Disposing of motor oil also requires special care. Old motor oil can have harmful effects on soil and water. Please never pour used oil into wastewater or onto the ground. You can drop off your used motor oil at special collection points that ensure proper disposal. Alternatively, we offer you the option to return your used oil to us. We will take care of the environmentally friendly disposal, ensuring that no harmful substances enter the environment.

Your support in the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and motor oil is important to us. Together, we can contribute to protecting our environment and preserving it for future generations.