Your Mini is not just a means of transportation, but a faithful companion on all your journeys. To ensure you can always hit the road safely and reliably, a brake service is indispensable.

But why is a brake service so important?

  • Safety first: A well-maintained braking system is crucial for your safety on the road. It allows you to react quickly and precisely in emergency situations.
  • Extended lifespan: Regular maintenance and inspection of your brakes can significantly extend their lifespan and avoid costly repairs. We check, among other things, your brake lines, brake pads, etc.
  • Efficient braking performance: Well-maintained brakes ensure consistent and efficient braking behavior, which not only increases safety but also enhances driving comfort.

When should a brake service be performed?

  • Loud noises when braking: If you hear squeaking, grinding, or creaking noises when braking, this is a clear sign that a brake service is necessary. These noises can indicate worn brake pads or other issues in the brake system. Timely inspection and repair are important to ensure full functionality of the brakes and avoid major damage.
  • Extended braking distance or spongy brake feel: If you notice that your vehicle takes longer to come to a stop or the brake pedal feels softer than usual, this can indicate problems in the brake system. This includes worn brake pads, air in the brake system, or issues with the brake discs. A brake service can identify and fix these problems to enhance safety.
  • Regular maintenance according to manufacturer specifications: Most vehicle manufacturers recommend regular brake service at specific intervals indicated in the vehicle maintenance schedule. This regular maintenance helps identify and fix problems early before they become serious safety risks. It’s important to adhere to this maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity and reliability of the brake system.

We make sure your brakes always function optimally so you can focus on your drive.

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