The Mini R52S/R53 with the Eaton M45 supercharger is a prime example of driving pleasure and performance. Although BMW states that the Eaton M45 supercharger is maintenance-free and designed for the vehicle’s entire life cycle, at Miniparts24, we recommend performing a regular supercharger service every 80,000 to 100,000 km. This is crucial as the oil loses its lubricating properties over time, which can lead to damage to the gears.

  • Maximum Performance: Regular supercharger service guarantees the performance of your Mini R52S or R53.
  • Longevity: Professional supercharger service helps extend the lifespan of the supercharger and prevent potential damage.
  • Efficiency: Proper supercharger service/oil change ensures efficient performance of your car.

When should you perform a supercharger service?

  • Decrease in engine performance or uneven acceleration: A noticeable reduction in engine performance or uneven acceleration can indicate problems with the supercharger. Wear parts such as bearings or belts could be affected and should be checked and possibly replaced.
  • Noises from the supercharger area: Unusual noises such as whistling or rattling from the supercharger often indicate internal problems, e.g., defective bearings or damage to the supercharger blades. Early diagnosis and repair are important.
  • Regular service despite “maintenance-free” indication: Although BMW states that the supercharger is maintenance-free, practical experience suggests a service approximately every 80,000 kilometers. This helps to detect potential wear issues early and maintain the performance and lifespan of the supercharger.

At Miniparts24, we offer professional supercharger service to enhance the performance and reliability of your Mini.

Do you have questions about supercharger service or want to schedule an appointment? Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or email. We are here to keep your Mini R52S/R53 in top condition and ensure maximum driving pleasure!